Success Story

Jyothi Saree Mandir is a traditional wedding wear store that combines Indian art, traditional fabrics and craftsmanship with contemporary themes to create an ensemble that embodies the values of the modern Indian woman especially for weddings. Jyothi Saree Mandir celebrates the all-aged woman and is committed to unveil her real beauty with traditional and progressive personality.

Jyothi Saree Mandir is a popular destination for women of all ages. Jyothi Saree Mandir was established in the year 1998 and has been a leader in the textile and wedding garments retail business for over 13 years. An icon of South India, Jyothi Saree Mandir has become synonymous with fancy and wedding collection. Jyothi Saree Mandir soon built up an image of unrivalled quality at reasonable prices; its roster of loyal clients also grew in plenty. A 13 year brand with considerable equity in the South, Jyothi Saree Mandir is still the popular destination of choice for silks and wedding sarees today.

Jyothi  Saree  Mandir  is  the  right  destination  for  the  best  sarees  which  combines  Kanchi  pattu,  Pochampalli,  Darmavaram,  Gadwal,  Samudrika  pattu,  Wedding  Sarees  and  Cotton  with  traditional  techniques Cut  Work,  Block  Print,  Kalamkari,  Badla,  Mirror  Work,  Chamki (Sequins)  and  Embroidery  in  a  glorious  mélange  of  colours.  Jyothi  Saree  Mandir  unveils  a  stunning  collection  for  the  modern  as  well  as  traditional  women. 

Jyothi Saree Mandir’s sarees is a creation of Mr.  N.  Sri Hari,  son  of  Mr. N.Narsimha.  Under  his  guidance  and  direction,  Jyothi  Saree  Mandir  Silk  Sarees  has  made  geographical  expansions  of  retail  outlets  in  Huppuguda  Jyothi  Saree  Mandir  is  professionally  managed,  having  retail  outlets  in  various  parts   of Hyderabad  and  offices  in  European  Countries.  Its  quality  products  have  earned  a  reputation  of  their  own  worldwide.

Today,  Jyothi  Saree  Mandir’s  has  evolved  with  the  times  to  become  a  category-killer  in  the  sarees  industry,  offering  everything  from  traditional wedding apparel to  lightweight, Bridal attires  like  crepe  and  chiffons. Jyothi Saree Mandir’s business focus has broadened, becoming not only a leading Saree-retailer, but also one of the foremost manufactures and exporters of fabrics and apparel.